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January 3, 2010 / maidinmalaysia

give time a break

father and son enjoy the beach and the togetherness

At 99 Rm Manikar Beach Resort is a steal.

In Labuan, we first stayed at Hotel Victoria, which is at the heart of the city. But cramped, with a tiny bathroom and a view of a noisy construction. It doesn’t feel like a holiday. Still it fit into our Rm 99 a day budget, and we spent a night there.

And when we drove down, we spotted the sprawling and luxurious Manikar Beach Resort. Very five star looking. Ample car park. Smiling and helpful staff. Rooms that were sea-facing and huge. A lovely breeze that was better than any air-conditioner. And breakfast on the house. Wow. How much, we asked? Fearing a three-digit number, that would burn a hole into even our next year’s travel budget.

Rm 99, said the receptionist.

the young smiling receptionist at the resort

We’ll take it.

And as we took our bags upto our room on the second floor, we began enjoying the resort much more. We first walked the beach.

the waters are shallow, and the waves are still at dawn

It’s surprising at how many hotel guests preferred to use the pool, rather than the beach. The massive blue pool was spilling over. Kids were shrieking and paddling. But the long-stretched out beach was almost empty.
And the sky looks a different colour every hour, I thought. And as if to greet us at this lovely island, we also saw a rainbow yonder.



We had a chat with one of the senior sales and marketing executives, Emullia Nubor.

Emullia Nubor

She is revved up about the upcoming events and activities. “We are going to organise an international dart tournament in May 2010. In January we are hosting an autoshow, in February we are having a “bridal fiesta” with bakers, florists and a fashion show witha difference,” she says.
This young woman told us about what are the unique facilities in the resort. “This is the only beach resort in Labuan,” she says. This is spread across 15 acres of land. “We offer our guests wifi to access internet. We have our Pantai Lounge, a restaurant and a beach bar. We have five function halls. We can do beach parties for upto 500 guests complete with a DJ spinning music. Our board room is the largest in Labuan.”

inside the resort the trees sway

for dining outside...

we ordered malaysia favourite beverage -- teh tarik

for dining indoors

the dinner buffet wears a xmas look

we saw a hotel staffer polishing the glassware until it gleamed

The Manikar Resort was earlier run by the Sheraton group. Several VIPs including former prime ministers and members of parliament prefer to stay here.

our baby happily plonks himself on the floor of our room

the view from our room on the second floor

a cosy balcony with a sit-out for two

Now the hotel has a spa, swimming pools, a beach soccer filed, a volley ball court and a penball field. Guests can also hire bicycles. Discounted Room rent is Rm 99 till April 15. And the rent for the suite is Rm 199. Presently the lift, telephone and television are not working, but the management is getting ready to iron out the kinks.

volley ball court

swimming pool

lights on at night

the pool is unusually empty. photo taken at dawn-break

time to give time a break



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  1. Covert_Operations'78 / Jan 14 2010 2:48 pm

    Hey my friend! Are you still updating your blog? I miss our exchange of comments and hope you will continue blogging long after the expiry of the contest. Do let’s keep in touch!

  2. Asha Letha / Mar 23 2010 4:13 am

    Very nice pictures! Maybe I might pay this resort a visit. Do keep in touch.

  3. keatsthesunshinegirl / Apr 7 2010 9:22 am

    good to have met you at the prize presentation. I don’t know what’s happening with the IT connection – keep getting ‘ webpage not available’, ‘oops missing link’ for days now. So , not being productive so far:(( Have a good day!

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